You will have experienced it yourself: don't you think that sometimes people and their favorite wines look alike?

Virginia, our winemaker, feels a special connection to Grignolino: to its stubborness, to the desire for challenge and rediscovery typical of this grape variety.

They both have a unique history that is rooted in the past and extends into the future.

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Vicara's online shop is a gateway to a world
of rolling hills, vineyards and bottles, the offspring of Monferrato,
that tell stories rich in passion, sky and ancient seabeds.

Find out the catalog with the same pleasure
with which you get lost in the vineyard on a sunny day.
Each bottle invites you to share
a piece of our dream and is like a journey:
for you, for those you love, or for that friend who knows
how to appreciate a good glass of wine. 

Vicara is more than just wine, it is an invitation
to be part of our family, our tradition,
our future, an invitation to toast, together with us,
to life and its infinite nuances.

Explore, choose, enjoy: Monferrato is just a click away.

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